talking about us

Meedori was born at the end of 2011 as a one-room agency based in Catania. Today our team comprises more than ten experts and a big network of partners that works together for a common vision. For this reason we like to define Meedori as a network of experiences that works to help people, companies and products to interact better.

From service design to digital development, from integrated communication to media production, we design through human centered approach to help our clients to innovate and grow. Our method is a design-thinking process that helps business to undestand their users needs, their behaviours and their desires.

Today we boast a prestigious client base, which includes some of the major companies in Italy such as Mediaset, Telecom Italia or Urbani Truffles as well as international clients such as Taibi Oil (USA) or Mainz University (Germany).


our clients